We love alumni! Here in the Twin Cities, we estimate that we have close to 10,000 InterVarsity alumni. And, in terms of alumni who come out of campuses and go around the country and around the world, the number is too high to count. We want you to feel connected to local ministry here, and we’d be¬†delighted to connect with you.

Annual Alumni Game of "Tag"

Be bold and tag city buildings and public structures with Bible verses and worshipful designs and patterns. No previous experience necessary.

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Want to Connect?

We're building an alumni network here in the Twin Cities as an encouragement for you as alumni and as a solid foundation for our ministry here. Let us know if you are interested in connecting more as an alum!

And, we know that our alumni are often our best volunteers. We'd love to hear from you about how you might want to serve here in the Twin Cities.

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